THE FEVER 333- Strength in Numb333rs Album Review

  1. …- This is the intro to the album. It is a reporter talking about a gathering for change. This is making me excited to hear the music.
  2. BURN IT- This song’s lyrics are about the gun problem in America, more specifically police killing black men. The beat is powerful enough to show the anger that people should be feeling about the issue. The pre-chorus production isn’t great. It feels staticy and it is kind of grating. Other than that this is the kind of music that I listen to in my free time even though I haven’t heard of this group before. I really enjoyed this.
  3. ANIMAL- This song plays on the theme of social justice again. Hopefully that is throughout the album. It touches on different forms of protest and freely fighting for what is right. The rap portion of the song is well done and it is catchy. The vocal style isn’t for everyone. It is scream based, but it isn’t just that. The instrumentals are done well and the song is well-paced. I added this to my personal playlist. The cynical part is me is waiting for a song to be bad.
  4. PREY FOR ME/3- Once again the instrumentals are punchy and powerful. The lyrics are about creating a world that is better for our children and how we are reverting back as moral beings. The first chorus is catchy and the double meaning of the word pray/prey is interesting. Once the second chorus kicks in the rhythm changes, but the power remains consistent. The last chorus reminds me of Weird Al doing Hamilton Polka. Strange reference I know, but that’s how I feel. Again, another good song.
  5. ONE OF US- The intro resembles the munchkins from the Wizard of Oz’s song. It injects that into a meaningful rock song about why kneeling keeps happening. (police shootings) If the violence doesn’t stop then the protests won’t stop. They infuse a female vocalist to shake up their sound. I love the message behind this. Based on my political views, they nailed it. That is extremely biased, but I own it. The beat is great as are the vocals. This is probably my favorite album I have review thus far.
  6. INGLEWOOD/3- This song is extremely personal to Jason because it is the story of his life. Through this song I can see life through his eyes. The chorus provides some peace, but then it slowly goes back to this hard sound which is reflective of Jason’s life. The lyrics are clear and show why he is as passionate about social issues as he is. The rap vocals are a bit weak. I feel like his flows could be better and on a song this important to him they should be higher quality. The production at points isn’t good. Especially during the bridge it feels as though there were some technical issues that weren’t intentional.
  7. THE INNOCENT- This song is about how kids can’t even go to the police anymore in fear of getting killed. The instrumentals are a bit different than the previous songs. While it is still hard hitting, the production has made them not as prominent as before. While this is a good song it isn’t as good as their first few songs on the album.
  8. OUT OF CONTROL/3-  I have noticed a pattern in the last few songs. The instrumentals die down suddenly and focus on the vocals in the pre-bridge’s. Then they come back with the vocals louder than before. I like it, but it get predictable. I do like this song as a whole. It is a bit general and I wish it got more specific, but because the other songs got deeper I think it is okay that there is a song without it. His flow is better than I previously noted.
  9. AM I HERE?- This song feels random in relation to the album as a whole. The instrumentals are cello and violin based. The signature vocals only arrive in the last forty seconds of the song, and the message is vastly different from everything else. It’s about loving someone and wanting to live life for them. It’s not a bad song it’s just strange to be put in this album.
  10. COUP D/ETALK- Okay now we are back to normal. The message is about it is like living like as a person of color. The rock/rap sound is what I have come to expect from the group. His flows are okay, it feels weirdly paced. I think this is a middle of the road song in comparison to the others in this album.

Overall, I really enjoyed this. The sound is great. Even though I have heard bands with the same sound, it is what I like listening to. There were a few duds and AM I HERE? Felt totally unnecessary. It seemed like the needed to get to ten songs and had this already recorded so they just put it in. Their message was powerful, and Jason has the emotion behind his vocals to back up writing political songs. I would give this album an A-.

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