Papa Roach- Who Do You Trust? Album Review

Papa Roach always makes me feel really nostalgic. I can’t help but sing along to ‘Last Resort’ and ‘Help’ among others. Hopefully this album makes me as happy as I know it can.

  1. The Ending- I love how the first song is called the ending. I can tell they are evolving to sound more modern, but it also makes them sound like other rock bands. For me they have such a distinct sound that if that is what I am looking for I am not getting it here. If I ignore my expectations I would say that this is a good song if a bit generic.
  2. Renegade Music- This song is about people fighting for what is right even though it might make them outsiders. The chorus is catchy and the vocals are good. I can picture myself rocking out to this. While it isn’t as good as what I know they can be I still really like this.
  3. Not The Only One- This is a more melodic tune about not being alone in your struggles. I really like this sound it suits them well. I’m getting used to them exploring with their sound and I think that this is a good path to go down. The instrumentals are beautiful and I just like this a lot.
  4. Who Do You Trust?- After such a great last song I was hoping that the title song was going to be great. Sadly, it isn’t. It is extremely repetitive and the instrumentals don’t offer anything new. The lyrics are about not being able to trust people around you, which is kinda my thing so I don’t have a problem with that, but the vocals on the pre chorus are bland. Nah.
  5. Elevate- The vocals on this are good. It is rare that Jacoby sounds bad so that is expected from him. The instrumentals are reminiscent of a few other bands that I can’t think of right now. I think it is a decent song, but it isn’t anything spectacular.
  6. Come Around- This song has a good message about how everyone has problems, but they say they are happy. He wants people to know that he is there for them. It’s a cute song, isn’t what I particularly want or need from Papa Roach, but it isn’t bad by any means.
  7. Feel Like Home- The intro sounds very early 2000s rock, which I love. The vocal effects remind me of the Foo Fighters ‘Learn to Fly.’ The chorus is sort of catchy, but it doesn’t really contain anything of substance. It’s about not feeling comfortable with the person he is with, which would be strange if true because he’s been married over 20 years. Anyway, yeah it’s an okay song.
  8. Problems- This is very poppy. It is a good pop song, but it isn’t a good Papa Roach song if that makes any sense. It even feels like a departure from what has been going on in this album. The song is about accepting that you have a problem, which is good considering they put this song in the album so they have recognized their problems.
  9. Top of the World- This song is a commentary on our current political climate. The rap verses are done very well, but they do feel a bit forced. The change in pitch in the pre-chorus is annoying. While I like the message a lot I think that this song doesn’t particularly do it justice.
  10. I Suffer Well- This is a short burst of energy. It’s about someone who is depressed and no one seems to care. I really like the double meaning of the word ‘well.’ I actually like this quite a bit.
  11. Maniac- This is another song about mental illness. I like how he is questioning whether he is crazy or not because mental illness still has a stigma about it and the word, while it is bad, crazy is thrown around a lot. I can feel the emotion through the vocals and the instrumentals. I like this quite a bit.
  12. Better Than Life- The beat on this is sick. I’m not entirely sure who the subject of this song is about. It is either a partner or a religious figure that knows the singer to such a personal extent that he can be convinced that whatever they have to offer is better than life. Because mental illness is a theme in this album it makes me feel like it could be a religious figure and Jacoby is talking about death being better than life. If that is true then I think this is an interesting way to end the album. Throughout the album there were some lyrics taken from Linkin Park albums so it very well could be the end that the first song is talking about.

Overall, I can’t be too mad about this album. There are some good songs and the ones I wasn’t too keen on was due to how little it sounded the way I like them to sound. I am extremely biased and I am admitting that now. I’m going to give this album a B- I feel like that’s fair.

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