Bring Me the Horizon- Amo Album Review

While I love rock and all of its subcategories, I have to admit I haven’t heard music from this group. If I have then I didn’t know it was them. I know they are a staple in 2000s rock, but I guess I just missed out. I’m hoping that this album is good enough to make me want to listen to their older stuff.

  1. i apologize if you feel something- This is the intro to the album, it is short and sweet. The mixing is spacey and beautiful. It is modern and new, but not overdone. I’ve learned in the past not to give my hopes up so we’ll see if the rest is as good as this.
  2. MANTRA- This is different from the first song in terms of tone. It is fast paced and fun. I love the lyrics because it tells a complete story. The instrumentals are a perfect fit for the vibe and the vocals are great.
  3. nihilist blues- This song was inspired by 90s dance music which is very evident through the instrumentals. While this song is experimental for the group, I think that it is done well. Grimes sounds…like Grimes which is cool. Yeah I like this, not my thing but it is good.
  4. in the dark- This song is very personal for Oliver because it is about his ex-wife cheating on him. This is a pop-rock song more on the pop side. The instrumentals are good as are the vocals. The lyrics don’t seem personal which I would have wanted because it is something he experienced. I normally don’t like artists to switch genres throughout an album but this works because it seems sporadic and confused which makes sense considering his life experiences.
  5. wonderful life-  This song is word vomit. Luckily, the band realizes that and have described it as such. This is a heavier sounding song with great vocals from Oliver and Dani Filth. It isn’t my favorite, but it’s fun.
  6. ouch- This is another interlude type song about his split. There are some clever lyrics that I read reference a love song he wrote about her when they were together. I like that idea of how songs capture moments in time and how he is able to use that moment and bring it back is pretty clever.
  7. medicine- This is probably my least favorite song so far. While it is a good song, the rest of them have been so great that good doesn’t make the cute. It is a very poppy song which isn’t bad it just makes the song not feel as genuine as I know it is.
  8. sugar honey ice & tea- This song emphasizes my own feeling that people in general are terrible. The lyrics are good, they are a bit childish with the title, but I understand wanting to make this song radio friendly. At first I thought the chorus was annoying, but it ended up growing on me so yeah this is good.
  9. why you gotta kick me when i’m down?- This song is a bop. The lyrics are so catchy and the vocals are amazing. The children’s choir is an adorable addition to the song. The instrumentals are funky and fun. I love it,
  10. fresh bruises- This interlude is trippy. The instrumentals are hypnotic. The same lyric is repeated over and over, but it isn’t as loud as boisterous so that it gets annoying.
  11. mother tongue- This song is about Oliver’s new wife and how he loves her when she speaks her native Portuguese. It’s a cute song, but it feels weird because most of the album was about his ex-wife and now there are songs about a new wife. It feels rushed, as does his marriages, but that’s just me being judgy.
  12. heavy metal- This song is about fans wanting them to stick to their heavy sound and not going pop which is something that I have commented on. Rahzel beatboxing sounds incredible. Lyrically, it’s a good song and it’s fun. I love how in the outro they go full on metal. I love the passive-aggressiveness. Not my favorite, but it’s still good.
  13. i don’t know what to say- This song is about Oliver’s friend who died from cancer. It’s a beautiful orchestral/rock tribute to him. The lyrics show the emotion that comes from being a witness to the deterioration of someone. I like this a lot.

Overall, this is a great album. They played with themes of love and also relationships between themselves and their fans. Each song had something different to offer and was a surprise every time. While some songs were a bit lackluster, the overall quality of the album didn’t take too much of a hit from them. I’m going to give this an A-.

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