Dawn Richard- new breed Album Review

Here we are, another artist that I have not heard of up until this point. I always get excited when I find someone new because I have no expectations, but I also have the hope that I can find someone great. After some research I found out that she is from Danity Kane who I have heard of but don’t know any songs from.

  1. the nine (intro)- This song lyrically is about Dawn’s experiences in her hometown. It is acapella which is nice although some of the backing vocals don’t exactly fit with the rest of the vocals. She does sound nice and it’s a good introduction to who she is.
  2. new breed-  Well, I do like the message behind the lyrics that her sexuality isn’t defined by her presentation. I can relate to that a lot. The instrumentals feel tribal at times which I do like, but they are covered up by cheap sounding production. Her voice is good when she is singing, but when she attempts to rap it doesn’t sound good.
  3. spaces- The instrumentals in this are really fun. It’s giving some Caribbean vibes. The vocals are good. The main thing that annoyed me is the vocal effect on the word ‘you’ it felt unnecessary and took away from the song.
  4. dreams and converse- The filter on her vocals is terrible. It sounds like she is singing through a plastic bag at some points. The chorus is catchy instrumentally. The outro to this song is cool although I have no idea what it has to do with the rest of the song. I am confused.
  5. shades- Another song with a bad vocal filter in the beginning on her. The actual intro to the song is a continuation of the end of the last song. I still have no clue how any of it is connected. It talks about being Indian/ New Orleans living. This song is about a quickie. It all seems so random.
  6. jealousy- This song is dedicated to how jealous Dawn, assuming this is based on her experiences, gets when her man’s ex is friendly with him. The vocals are good as usual, so long as they don’t have that awful filter. It’s a fine song albeit a bit messy.
  7. sauce- This song is about her desires and needs for a man to please her. The instrumentals are nothing special. Her vocals while good are not as well done as her other songs.
  8. vultures | wolves- This song is two parts. The beginning is about her being desperate for her man to stick with her. Her vocals are lovely although at some parts during the pre-chorus sounds like her teeth are clenched. So it’s weird. The second part turn acapella, I think the exact same as ‘the nine.’ At this point she realises that her man is trash and she works too hard to be with him. I think this is her best song on this album so far.
  9. we, diamonds- The instrumentals along with the vocal layering are reminiscent of 90’s girl groups. Her voice sounds good apart from the blatant auto-tune at points. The song is about the struggles of being a black female and how they are beautiful and important although it may not be noticed as much.
  10. ketchup and po’boys (outro)- This song as a finale isn’t anything special. It incorporates the spoken word seen in previous songs. Eh. nothing really to comment on.

This album is fine. Her vocals are good there just isn’t anything to really distinguish her from other women in her genre that plainly do it better than her. There were moments of confusion on the album as everything didn’t seem to go together. It isn’t terrible it’s not something that I am going to remember in a few days. I’m going to give this a C-.

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