Boogie- Everythings for Sale Abum Review

So this is Boogie’s debut album. Lately there haven’t been any really good rap albums, even songs in general due to this new soundcloud era. Not saying that all soundcloud rappers are bad there is just not a good reputation as of yet. Who knows this guy could be the next big thing. Let’s see.

  1. Tired/Reflections- This song is mostly spoken word about his life and whether he wants to be alive anymore. His flow is decent. The instrumentals are pretty subtle which allow Boogie to say his piece. I like that he is talking about mental health, even though it isn’t touched on too much other than him wanting to die. I think that it is an important topic for artists, especially rappers to talk about.
  2. Silent Ride- This song is about his girlfriend discovering incriminating texts from other women while driving home. He says that this actually happened to him. The lyrics are a mess, he is talking about his girl, but also bragging about all these other women he has on the side. It ain’t cute. He also sings in this song, pretty terribly might I add. This song is not good at all.
  3. Swap Meet- This song is pretty chill and focuses on the idea of love in the metaphor of a swap meet. The instrumentals are subtle and the female backup vocalist sounds beautiful. Boogie actually sings pretty well on the chorus it’s when he gets to the verses and sings a bit that he sounds bad. He has a very specific pocket that he knows about but doesn’t stick to a lot.
  4. Lolsmh (interlude)- His interludes are longer than his main songs which is strange. He confesses to being a terrible boyfriend, but he mainly blames her. This is my problem with mostly male songs about bad relationships, they take hardly any blame and act like she is the worst thing to ever happen. So annoying
  5. Soho- This song is about people pretending to be his friend. Sonically his vocals are pretty static. He doesn’t change up his tone at all so it gets old quickly. The chorus is kind of catchy. It’s easy to pick up on. JID’s verse is short so we don’t get enough of him at all.
  6. Skydive- This song is about being ready to be committed to someone. Lyrically, it tells the story very well. The instrumentals are soft which contrast with his extremely nasally vocals. When he raps the nasality goes away a little, but when he sings it gets real bad. It gets worse when his vocals are layered. He sounds sick but not in a good way.
  7. Live 95- This song is confusing. He is talking about how he grew up broke, but also bragging about all these girls he can get. If he had chosen one topic it would have made sense, but his flexing seems unnecessary. His flow isn’t that great either.
  8. Rainy Days- Okay first thing, he says he has thick skin but in his past songs he said he has thin skin. Pick one! So this song is mostly an Eminem record. Em’s rhythm is great as usual. He raps about his legacy and how he is no longer sober. He also mentions that he doesn’t care about whether or not people are offended by his lyrics which he follows by making fun of Janice Dickinson who was raped by Bill Cosby. So, that’s a thing Eminem did…yeah I don’t know. I’m not going to comment anymore.
  9. Skydive II- This song is a soft instrumental ballad type feel. Of course Boogie’s singing isn’t very good. 6lack sounds better but also not that great. The lyrics are really generic and nothing to get all that into.
  10. Whose Fault- This song tells the story of a break up and talks about taking care of a child. The story is told very well. The instrumentals are jazzy and smooth. I think this is his best song so far.
  11. No Warning- This song is super chill. The chorus vocals are nice and Boogie actually sounds pretty good as well. The lyrics are about him wanting his girl to end it because he no longer wants to be in a toxic relationship that he admits is his fault. Kind of confusing but the vibe is nice.
  12. Self Destruction- This song is about him destroying his relationships and his career which I think is interesting. The beat is nice and the instrumentals are trippy. I surprisingly like the chorus even though it’s him not knowing the lyrics. It’s a fine song.
  13. Time- And here we go again his vocals are bad. This song is about him using girls he is in relationships with. I like his honesty, but that’s it. Snoh sounds beautiful but that’s it.

Overall I’m not a fan of this. The only two songs that were decent were No Warning and Whose Fault. Everything else is not good at all. He says multiple things that contradict each other. It’s a mess. I’m going to give this a D.  

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