White Lies- Five Album Review

  1. Time to Give- Vocally and instrumentally these guys remind me of Talking Heads. This sound, I would say brings me back to the 80s, but I wasn’t alive then. The song is seven minutes long so that is my main complaint. Instrumentally it does change so at least it isn’t repetitive for that long. I just hope that not all of these songs are going to be super long. I’m someone who doesn’t have patience for long songs unless they are so iconic or amazing. We’ll see. I like this but it is neither of those things.
  2. Never Alone- Oh thank god this song is 3 minutes. I mean it’s a fine song. It sounds very similar to the last song just shorter.
  3. Finish Line- This song instrumentally is more rock infused than before. The vocals are done the same way as before except there are points where Harry goes higher than before. He has range that I want to see more of. Yeah this is an okay song.
  4. Kick Me- I enjoyed this. The chorus was catchy. The vocals are consistent. Again, I want to hear his range because I know that it is there. The production on this song is really good. It provides a mood that is in the entire album. I can’t quite place what it is but it’s there.
  5. Tokyo- I like this. The chorus is really fun and catchy. The vocals have strayed from that monotone sound that I have grown accustomed to. I’m probably going to have this song stuck in my head so…thanks guys.
  6. Jo?- So this immediately sounds so different to the other songs on this album. It’s much more upbeat. The instrumentals are fun. One thing I will say is that there is one guitar note that keeps happening and it sounds terrible. It’s like an animal screeching. Other than that I like this.
  7. Denial- The chorus once again is pretty catchy. I have noticed that they stick to the same song pattern fairly often. There isn’t much variation in how the songs are layed out. This is a good song, but it is predictable
  8. Believe It- This is an interesting song. It shows the different perspectives on therapy. My main issue is that the song makes therapy seem shady and bad which isn’t inherently true. I don’t know. The song sounds good I just don’t think it sends a good message.
  9. Fire and Wings- This song is subtle metal. The lyrics are dark and apocalyptic which matches Harry’s voice. I think he could have done more vocally just to add some more power.

Overall, this is an interesting album. First off, I have never heard of this group. While I enjoy their sound, a lot of their songs sound very similar. I also think that Harry could do so much more vocally than he is giving. I like this album, but I want them to challenge themselves more. I give this album a B.

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