Broods- Don’t Feed the Pop Monster Album Review

Broods is a brother-sister duo from New Zealand who I have never heard of. I read their sound is electropop, which I am not a huge fan of, so we’ll see how this goes.

  1. Sucker- So her voice makes me think that this is going to be an electropop Maggie Rogers type album. Like Maggie, her voice is really good. The content is an interesting take on trends in society and how the subject tries to fit in even though it’s not really her thing. The synth threw me off at first, but I got used to it. It didn’t annoy me as much as I thought it would. This is a good start.
  2. Why Do You Believe Me?- This kind of has the opposite problem as the last song. This one the vocals started out beautiful. They are ethereal and airy. Except after awhile they got annoying. It started to pierce my ear and felt like my eardrums were going to burst. The beat was really nice though.
  3. Peach- I have to say this chorus is super catchy. The song is really fun. She sounds great although there are a lot of different vocal effects on her voice ranging from a baby sound to a choir. The mixing is fantastic. I like this.
  4. Falling Apart- Meh. I don’t dislike this nor do I like this. The vocals are heavily autotuned, which I understand is kind of their aesthetic, but I don’t like it. The lyrics are pretty meaningless. It’s just kind of there not doing much.
  5. Everytime You Go- I’ve noticed that almost every one of these songs follows the exact same formula down to the repetition of words at certain points in the song. The lyrics on this one are repetitive and boring. I don’t like this one.
  6. Dust- This song is cute. The lyrics are Alice and Wonderland based which is cool. The vocals are really pretty. It’s a nice song. Not great by any means but it is good.
  7. Too Proud- Finally we get to hear the brother. This song is really personal for him, but I can tell why he isn’t the main vocalist. His voice isn’t bad, but it isn’t really strong at all. It feels like he’s straining a lot. Lyrically and instrumentally it’s a good song. It’s just the vocals that don’t work.
  8. To Belong- I don’t know why but I don’t love this. The beat is funky, the vocals are beautiful, and the lyrics are cool. Something about this just isn’t clicking for me and I can’t figure out what it is.
  9. Old Dog- This song is different from what I have heard so far. It’s more 2000s pop. The lyrics are fun. It’s about a girl who calls herself an Old Dog due to her experiences. The vocals are auto tuned which adds to the 2000s atmosphere. Yeah, it’s pretty good.
  10. Hospitalized- This concept is really interesting. She wants to experience breaking a bone. That’s cool. The vocals, instrumentals, and lyrics are really fun.
  11. Everything Goes (Wow)-  I don’t care for this. Some of the vocal layering isn’t done very well. Some of the vocals sound slurred. The lyrics are fine; so are the instrumentals. It’s fine, but not my thing.
  12. Life After- This song has a 1920s tv static feel to it which I have always found cheap. The vocals and the lyrics are cute. The production is this song’s downfall.

The first couple of songs were really good. They blew my expectations away. It is the rest of the album that met my expectations. There was a lot of not so great production with lackluster lyrics. The beats are the only thing that pretty much remains consistent the whole way through. I’m going to give this a C+.

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