Backstreet Boys- DNA Album Review

Okay here we go. It is always difficult when a beloved artist or group from the past comes back. Most of the times it is kind of cringy because they try too hard to sound modern. Here goes.

  1. Don’t Go Breaking My Heart- Okay so they definitely still sound the same as they did in their heyday. Instrumentally they are trying to be more modern with the slick electronic groove. The vocals are a little too high at some points that didn’t sound good. This is kind of a bop though.
  2. Nobody Else- The vocals are a bit better on this song. I think that the sentiment of not wanting to share someone is a bit cliched. I mean it sounds like an average pop song that I have heard before. It feels like they are succumbing to wanting to keep with the times.
  3. Breathe (DNA)- Is this acapella? I’m pretty sure it is. There vocals sound great here. If this is what they can do without instruments then I want that to continue. This is so beautiful. The lyrics are a bit basic, but because it overall is good it doesn’t matter.
  4. New Love- Oh no this is the opposite of what I wanted based on the last song. It is super instrumental. The vocals aren’t great and the lyrics are so icky. It’s all about sex, which is fine I don’t care, it’s the vocals matched with that theme that is bad.This is going the wrong direction. I can’t.
  5. Passionate- This song is icky in a different way. He’s excusing himself basically sexually harassing a girl by saying that he is passionate. Most of these guys have daughters so I hope they don’t learn to be treated like this.
  6. Is It Just Me-The auto-tune on this is so bad. They only sound slightly human. The song sounds like a Halsey song that she gave to them because she didn’t want it. No boys no.
  7. Chances- This song is better than the last two that’s for sure. Every guy gets his chance to shine. For me AJ really should get more time his voice sounds better than everyone else’s. This is a good song. I’m not going to get my hopes up for the rest of the album though I learned my lesson.
  8. No Place- I can’t even comment on this song because he says “could care less” instead of couldn’t and I can’t deal with it.
  9. Chateau- The vocals are a mix of chipmunk and droning. I’m not sure how that combination could happen, but it does. Kevin and AJ sound incredible though so there’s that. The lyrics and instrumentals are boring so yeah.
  10. The Way It Was- The first thing I noticed is that they sample Rihanna’s ‘Love On the Brain’ They sound good. It’s another love song. I want something new lyrically.
  11. Just Like You Like It-  I almost fell asleep. That’s it. That’s my review.
  12. OK- The instrumentals are cute. The clapping and the guitar sound good together. The vocal breaks are strange and the chorus vocals are not good either. Of course the second verse vocally is great. I don’t know I’m just not impressed with this album.

Overall, this is not a good album. I was really excited after hearing Breathe (DNA) but they didn’t give me anything at the level afterwards. The singles that were released were also really good, but they weren’t a good indicator of how the album would turn out. I’m going to give this a C.

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