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Singles Released January 25-31

I’m so tired.. by Lauv and Troye Sivan- While I am a fan of Troye Sivan, I have not heard anything from Lauv. While this they both sound good on the track. Some of the sound mixing is a bit funky. While I know that most songs have an electronic layer over the vocals it shouldn’t be as noticeable as this is. This isn’t a song that I will go back to, but I can see how some people are really going to like this.

Anxiety by Julia Michaels feat. Selena Gomez- The message behind this song is extremely relatable to me. I think the simple guitar is beautiful and allows both women to show off their voices. The lyrics explain anxiety very well. I think Julia does sound better on the track. While Selena doesn’t sound bad I think that her higher range is not as good as her mid-range vocals.

Moderation by Florence + the Machine- Of course Florence once again sounds incredible. I think that she is at her best in beat driven songs which this is not one of them. The instrumentals are nice, but don’t give her the space she needs to sound as good as she can. The lyrics are kind of meh. I’m so used to her powerful lyrics so this is very different.

What a Time by Julia Michaels feat. Niall Horan- This song is about remembering the good parts of being with someone and then realizing that it was all fake. Julia and Niall both sound angelic per usual. I don’t know what it is about it that is off. The instrumentals were nice. I think my problem is that it is all too nice. There isn’t anything breaking boundaries about it.

Change your mind by Tori Kelly- I haven’t heard much from Tori in a few years. I did not know that she could sing like this. Her vocals on the chorus are gritty and powerful and I love to hear that in music. The song is about her family not approving of her partner and I could feel that emotion through her at some points. It’s a good song.

Blind by PRETTYMUCH- Okay, so I have never heard a song from this group before. I have seen interviews with them and thought that they seemed fun. This song though is trash. The lyrics are basically meaningless. It feels like a basic boy band love song that we write in middle school English class. The vocals are not good. The voice modulation on the word ‘you’ is especially annoying. Hopefully they have better music because this is terrible.

Swan Song by Dua Lipa- This song is written for the soundtrack of an upcoming movie. I can see how this song works in the context of a movie. It is a powerful song focused on being bigger than yourself. Dua sounds good, and the lyrics are cool. As with most of these songs this week, while it is good, it isn’t my style so I can’t critique it too badly because of that.

My Year by Gashi and G-Eazy- Gah! Another trash song. This song is all about flexing from a guy that I have never heard of and G-Eazy who really shouldn’t be flexing. I don’t think flexing songs are inherently bad they just need to be done with some sense of self-awareness and this has none.

Fuck the Rain by Ryan Adams- From my understanding this song is about gun violence and how people are willing to look the other way to avoid getting something done about it.While I like the lyrics, I don’t think that it is a particularly impactful song. The melancholy tone does lend to the idea of avoiding the truth that the lyrics portray I just want more from a song like this.

Drug by Simple Creatures- When I saw who was in this duo I immediately thought that this would sound like an early 2000s pop-punk song and it does a bit, which I like. But it also has the vocal modulation that is more popular now than it was then. This is their debut single and while this is a good song I think that their debut needed to be more punchy.

Boom by X Ambassadors-  This song is really groovy. The guitar sounds great and provides a catchy beat. The vocals are good. My only real problem is that I never want to hear a word that ends with oom ever again. I’m definitely over exaggerating, but there is some truth in that. The lyrics are fun. They aren’t really meaningful which is a departure from the group’s prior records.

Heartbreak by Hunter Hayes- While I’m not a country fan I will admit that I was kind of grooving to this. While the sentiment isn’t anything new, there is a sense of seriousness that makes Hunter more believable in this type of song. There were parts where he sounded a bit rushed. I can’t tell if he was trying to rap or what but it was strange. Other than that this is a pretty good song.

I Hope by Gabby Barrett- This is Gabby’s first release since her stint on American Idol. This is kind of a mean-spirited song. While the guy in the song did cheat, Gabby is wishing that he marries this new girl and that she cheats on him and ruins his life. Dang girl get over it. I understand how hurt being cheated on makes people, but there is a point where you have to move on and wishing hurt on other people doesn’t make anything better. This would all be okay if the instrumentals, lyrics, and vocals were actually good. She doesn’t sound bad, but she appears to be trying really hard to sound country.

Lost my Mind by Dillon Francis & Alison Wonderland- The beat on this is pretty good. There is a portion that sounds like my speakers are being blown out which, when you are wearing headphones, really hurts. That part isn’t good. Other than that this is a fun dance song that doesn’t have deep lyrics, but it doesn’t need to because of the genre.

Undrunk by Fletcher- So I have never heard of Fletcher before and this is a pretty good introduction. Her vocals are angelic and powerful at the same time. The chorus is catchy and the instrumentals are there but subtle enough to allow her voice to shine. I think this will get big.

Somebody’s Gotta Be Country by Easton Corbin- This song is basically him saying that people who do things that aren’t what he pictures as being country are no longer who they used to be. He is apparently the last remaining country boy in his town. This song is basic and I am no longer going to entertain thinking about it.

Listen to Me by Dirty Heads- This song is chill. I think that the vocals and the instrumentals are good as are the lyrics. While I did enjoy the song, for me it doesn’t have something special that will make me want to come back to it.

Love Me & Let Me Go by Ashley Tisdale- I haven’t heard from Ashley in quite a long time. This song is kind of meh. It isn’t necessarily bad it’s just not good either. Her vocals sound squeaky and auto tuned. The song is repetitive and gets old pretty quickly.

Crashing by Illenium feat. Bahari- I’m underwhelmed. Bahari’s voice sounds great. The production is good it just sounds really generic. It’s a modern “love” song without too much substance. Nah I’m good.

Harmony Hall by Vampire Weekend- The instrumentals are fun. For such a serious lyrical song it is an interesting juxtaposition. The vocals are just decent. The chorus lyrically isn’t very catchy. I guess it isn’t supposed to be given the content I just wanted more. While this is a decent song I don’t think that I am going to go out of my way to listen to it again.

Put a Date on it by Yo Gotti feat. Lil Baby-  The instrumentals are drum and I think flute based which is interesting. Yo Gotti’s flow while the content is basic he does sound good. Lil Baby on the other hand sounds out of breath. Yeah not a fan of this.

100 Bad Days by AJR- So I must say that I am a fan of AJR. Songs like ‘Weak’ and ‘Sober Up’ have become mainstream, but I also like some of their older music. When I heard this was coming out I was excited to get some more AJR. This disappointed. The instrumentals are a mix of Disney princess movie turned Broadway in the end. The lyrics aren’t very meaningful although this is a personal song for the brothers. The added vocals from other chipmunky people feel unnecessary and is a phase in music that I don’t like

bury a friend by Billie Eilish- This song is a bop. The vocals are hauntingly beautiful. Her vocal control is amazing. The instrumentals are spooky yet fun. The lyrics are dark and scary. I really like this.

Singles Released January 18-24

7 Rings by Ariana Grande- I’m going to start this off by saying while I am an Ariana fan, I’m willing to be honest with her music. I’ve seen some accusations by other artists that she has ripped off their music. I haven’t heard the originals so I can’t comment on that. At first I liked the modern flexing version of My Favorite Things from The Sound of Music. I thought it was cheeky and knowing Ariana, wasn’t meant to be all that serious. When she started to rap is where it got cringy for me. Her voice just isn’t meant for that style of music. If this is someone’s introduction to Grande they would think she is stuck up and not that talented, which I wouldn’t blame them for thinking that. Definitely not her best work.

Keanu Reeves by Logic- Once again Logic has a really good flow. He is likable and knows how to rap about important topics. This confused me a bit though. He made fun of himself, which is nice, shows he can take a joke. He seems to understand the power that comes along with being famous. There is a part where he jokes about being the 1-800 guy. That song was important for so many people that I can’t tell whether he regrets making it or not. I think some clarification was needed. It’s not a bad track. I just want more from him.

Girl by Maren Morris- Lately, Maren has been delving into pop more so than country. This song is a perfect mixture of both genres. While I find the writing a bit lazy. Only because it focuses on tropes that we have heard a million times. I don’t think this will be a hit, but it’s not a flop either.

Almost (Sweet Music) by Hozier- Before listening, I have a gigantic crush on Hozier so I hope this doesn’t disappoint. Hozier’s voice once again sound amazing. Out of all the singles from his upcoming album this is my least favorite. “Nina Cried Power” and “Movement” are so soulful and powerful that this is kind of a let down. In this song he uses jazz song titles as the lyrics. He used this same kind of tactic in “Nina Cried Power” where it worked so much better. He’s still great though.

One Man Band by Old Dominion- The beat is…how do I describe it…sweet. It is nice, but it isn’t anything all that special. The same goes for the lyrics. It has all the ingredient for a country love song, but it doesn’t offer anything new. Whenever I have problems with country songs it is because of this exact thing. It’s bland and doesn’t offer any new perspective.

LBD by Becky G.- The autotune in the chorus is so bad. Becky G has a good voice so the need to autotune her this much is a problem. The trap influence and sound effects is random and unnecessary. It doesn’t work with her voice and vibe. The lyrics are about a girl and her little black dress that makes her feel her oats. Not a fan, yet, we’ll see.

7 Minutes by Dean Lewis-  This is a nice song. The drums and guitar work well together and the production is good. The content is okay. I feel like I say this a lot but it’s nothing special. The chorus is kind of annoying, but other than that it’s fine.

Young by Parachute- I almost forgot this was a band. I used to hear them on the radio and then they just went away. This song isn’t representative of how I remember them. The lead vocals are just okay. The falsetto does not work at all. I hope to hear better music from them.

Left of Me by Caleb Lee Hutchinson- I remember this kid from American Idol. Wow his voice has gotten deeper. Or maybe I don’t exactly remember how deep his voice was but it sound different in my memory. The beginning guitar sounded like it was going to be a southern rock song, but it seems to shift in and out of that. The lyrics are about he was a bad boyfriend. It’s good to see that version instead of the girl being the problem. The only thing I’m thinking of is if he and Maddie broke up. That shows how little I actually care about this song.

If My Heart Had A Heart by Cassadee Pope- This song is about trying to move on from a relationship but your heart won’t let you. There are a ton of cliches throughout the song about stakes in hearts and other heart metaphors. Her voice sounds kind of squeaky, which makes the listening experience grating. The instrumentals don’t help much either.

Middle Child by J. Cole- This song is a tribute to the OG rappers and the new ones. He sees himself as being between the two generations. While his lyrics are good the first verse is really long and doesn’t offer any vocal variation. He sings on the refrain and chorus which definitely isn’t his strong suit. The beat is pretty static. I just wish that he offered more in terms of his vocals. Other than that this is a fine song.

Girls Have Fun by Tyga, G- Eazy, and Rich the Kid- This is the kind of rap that I can’t stand. It’s purely about a guy thinking that he is the best thing the world has to offer and sexualizes women to a point where they don’t seem real. Tyga sounds like Tyga. Take that how you will. Rich the Kid sounds like he has never rapped before. He doesn’t sound confident, and it’s really cringy. I mean the whole song is cringy but especially his verse. There are also ideas that are prevalent in music that I hate. It’s women who are into women being told by men to stop and have sex with them instead. I hate that so much. I just can’t with this.

This wasn’t a great week in terms of singles in my opinion. Most of the songs were bad, nothing special. If I had to pick a favorite it would be Almost (Sweet Music) It is a competent song with great vocals. It isn’t bad in any sense. My least favorite should be obvious, it’s Girls Have Fun by Tyga, G-Eazy, and Rich the Kid. I don’t need to explain myself do I?

Singles Released January 11-17

Something that I am going to start doing is every Thursday I will post my reviews of singles that came out this week in one post. Of course, there is no way I would be able to cover all of them so I will only do ones that made the top 200 itunes chart.

First up it’s Dancing with a Stranger by Sam Smith and Normani- Let me start off by saying that I enjoy Sam Smith and Normani as individuals. While I am not that familiar with Normani’s music or Fifth Harmony’s, I like her as a person. The instrumentals are dancy and fun, but nothing new. Sam and Normani both sound great, but there is no chemistry there. From what I have read the two are friends, but I wouldn’t be able to tell by listening to this. The song seems a bit fast for the two of them and some of the auto-tune on Normani’s vocals offset how good her voice actually is. The lyrics are okay. It isn’t something that I am going to want to come back.

Lost in the Fire by Gesaffelstein & The Weeknd- At first I didn’t think I would have much to talk about here. I still don’t, but I have more than I thought. Let me start off with the things that didn’t bother me so much. The beat is decent, I don’t know what it is but it’s clear that Gesaffelstein understand The Weeknd’s vibe. His voice sounds okay, not great but it’s fine. My problem is something that I saw briefly on Twitter but didn’t understand until now. There is already a problem with artists talking about how being gay is a phase. Plenty of female singers have made music dedicated to their flings with women but they always go back to men. First off, it’s clear that Abel is singing about Bella and for him to put her business out there is messed up. (unless she has talked about it before, but to my knowledge she hasn’t) And for him to trivialize her sexuality is awful. NOPE

Land of the Free by The Killers- For this even though I completely agree with the message of this song politically, I am going to try to put that aside. Brandon sounds really good in this song, his voice with the choir in the background is cool. I feel as though there could have been more done instrumentally. The guitar and drums are not too present and I wanted more of a punch for such a political song. Generally, in political songs I like for their to be some nuance to it. Flowers is blatantly stating what our issues are and letting them sit. Part of me wanted it to be more subtle and meaningful, but the other part of me realizes that sometimes people need to be told straight what our issues are.

Timebomb by WALK THE MOON- I must say that I have mixed feeling about a few of their past songs. I’ve only heard the ones that became really popular like Shut Up and Dance, One Foot, and Kamikaze. While I liked all three, Shut Up and Dance became overplayed and annoyed me. This song is probably my least favorite that I have heard from the group. The sound mixing gets warped at parts which I did not enjoy, the lyrics are basic love song tropes, and it wasn’t catchy. WALK THE MOON normally does a great job at creating catchy chorus’ that are almost impossible to get out of your head. With this song I didn’t feel that way. I guess I’ll have to see in a few days whether or not I can even remember the chorus much less having it on internal repeat.

Giant by Calvin Harris and Rag’n’Bone Man- So I love Rag’n’Bone Man’s voice. I think he has one of the best current male voices in the mainstream. (I know he isn’t that mainstream but bear with me) I was surprised to see him do a song with Calvin Harris because I thought he was better than that. (Nothing against Harris but you understand) This song proved my point because his voice was better than the beat could have been. The brass portion of the song was strange and felt unnecessary. The lyrics got old really quick with the repetitive “I am’s” getting on my nerves. I did find it funny that Harris got Rag’n’Bone Man to sing about giants because I mean, the guy is actually a giant. The song doesn’t know what it is. It starts off like electronic dance music, turns to Jazz instrumentals, and ends with gospel. Rag’n’Bone Man is better than this.

Hurt by Witt Lowry (feat. Deion Reverie)- The monster demon voice that is typical in pop/rap music does the entire intro. Gah! Why is this a thing? Anyways, the first verse lyrically is okay. It’s about a guy who can’t stop thinking about this girl who cheated on him. I was with it until the line, “What you meant to me is what I mean to art.” Most of these types of songs about a girl cheating always involve the guy thinking that he is God’s gift to women and the world as a whole. I do like Deion Reverie’s passion though. I can feel through his flow that he is on the verge of tears and I really appreciate that because it makes the content feel more real. The chorus vocals really are not great though. If he sticks to rapping then I think that I could enjoy him. His flows are great and he seems to know what he’s doing.

Big Plans by Why Don’t We- I am not all that familiar with this group other than just hearing their name and wondering why they thought that was a good name for a group. I also recognize Daniel from American Idol, but I haven’t heard their music. For this song the groove is nice. It sounds really familiar, which means people are going to like it. The lyrics caught me off guard because these boys are extremely young and singing about making a life with a girl. I shouldn’t be all that surprised because Lil Pump just turned 18 and look at his lyrics. The vocals are actually quite good. It isn’t a song that I’m going to remember tomorrow but it is in no means a bad song.And that’s it for my review of some of this week’s new singles. Overall, it wasn’t terrible. I’m not going to remember most of these songs, but at least they aren’t bad enough to stick in my mind for the wrong reasons. My favorite would have to be Land of the Free by The Killers and my least favorite is Lost in the Fire by Gesaffelstein & The Weeknd. Hopefully, next week produces better music.