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Daily Sounds

For this assignment, I went through my day and took recordings of sounds that I heard.

First thing in the morning my dogs eat so I recorded that. Then I recorded a bit of the show Mysteries at the Museum because that is what is normally on the television. I then went to the farmers market where I recorded my walking through it. Once I was finished, I got into my car and had the air conditioning on full blast. Once I got home I put my clothes into the dryer and recorded that sound.

Once I had all of these recording, I went to Audacity and converted them into one file.

Favorite Sounds

For this assignment, I immediately knew which sounds I was going to use.

I went to Freesounds.com and searched for a baby laughing, rain, waves, and a kitten purring. Once I had downloaded those sounds, I went into Audacity and placed the sounds to play one after the other.

This assignment was fairly easy, which means that I’m learning something! At the beginning of the week Audacity confused me so much, but now I have no problems using it.

Sounds of an Alternate History

For this assignment I wanted to create a normal day in the life of the uncolonized American. I wanted to see what the world would be like if Europe never colonized the rest of the world.

I  did some research about what the Iroquois ate and enjoyed in order to create a story around it. I eventually wrote a script and got my mom and brother to help voice the characters. 

After we recorded, I uploaded it to Audacity and went searching for sound effects. I used freesounds.com which lets people post sounds that they will allow others to use freely. I picked out some that went along with my story and imported them into Audacity.

Luckily, I have gotten a hang of how Audacity works, I had not problems with the actual editing, but I struggled with figuring out which sounds to use. After searching for the perfect sounds, I have an end product that I am proud of having had no experience with this before.

Affecting Sound

For my sound effects assignment, I wanted to create an alien story.

The process was actually really difficult for me. I had found some cool sound effects online that I wanted to use but I could not figure out how to use them within Audacity. I wanted to add the effects to the effects that are already in Audacity but it kept opening up a separate editing page.

I decided to play around with Audacity’s effects and see what I could do. I had a lot of fun going through all of the different sounds and making them into my own specialized effects. After a bit of struggling, I figured out how to move around the clips and make them play after each other instead of during the others. I mainly used sounds within the Generate tab because they allowed for more editing. While I do think that I can get a handle on how to use Audacity, I wish it would be easier to navigate.