This week is complete.

This half of the week has been filled with fun activities that allowed me to create fun stories and explore my photography.

I first worked on some fun daily creates where I was able to use a new (to me) technology. It involved using Bitmoji in order to create a scene. I also had the idea for an app for introverted people so they do not have to be social. The third daily create involved picking a music video that has a lot of meme-worthy material.

For the main assignments this week I chose the genre mystery. I went into each photo trying to figure out how the genre could influence how I took the photo and what story lines I could create.


When I was photoblitzing, even though I was running around like a maniac, I was trying to think about taking photos in a mysterious way. I decided to make the some the photos a little out of focus so that the person viewing them has to think about it a bit.

For the second assignment I chose to do two visual assignments and combine them to make a cohesive story. The theme for one of the assignments is the apocalypse so I worked that into my mystery theme.  I am extremely proud of this because at first I did not know how I was going to infuse mystery into the photos. Looking at them now it is clear to me that I was able to accomplish it.

I am so happy with what I was able to accomplish this week. I have always wanted to get into photography but was wary due to not having an expensive camera. Hopefully, I am able to get out and take more photos and make them look semi-professional. It was not until after I had finished the assignments that I found out that the apocalypse theme did not have to be included in the photos. I guess that would be the one thing that I would change, if I had known that then maybe the mystery theme would have came through more than it already does. I am so excited for the coming weeks, especially because I have no clue what is ahead. I cannot wait to learn some new technologies and skills that I will be able to use in the future.


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