Start of the Finale

This week, I will be using a bunch of different media in order to create a cohesive story. Since my brother just graduated high school, I have decided to center my story about his graduation and his future.

I have picked four different mini-project for me to work on in order to create this story. I have started with designing a postcard that is from my future self to my brother. I wrote it as though he has just bought a beach house that I really want to visit.

 I created my postcard on Canva. I wrote on the lines and changed the text and the images. I’m really happy with how it ended up turning out.



The next thing that I did was to record myself saying a quote. I wanted to do this because I felt that a good graduation/life quote would go perfectly with my story in providing some inspiration for my brother. I recorded it on my phone and I will be adding it to my final project, but I do not know exactly how I will place it within the other pieces.

I know after reading this you are so excited to see what I have done, but you will have to wait until Thursday.

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