I’m Doing Stuff!

This week has been really busy but also exciting. I’ve started to actually post things on my Instagram. I’ve had it for a while but never really knew what to do with it so hopefully this class will help me get inspired to post more. I was also able to post to my blog for the first time!

While most people my age are active on Twitter, I’m not. I don’t tweet hardly at all. I mostly just read tweets by celebrities and other people I enjoy. My goal is to be more active on my own account.

For the past three days I’ve been getting a handle on how to use all of these different platforms. I was able to finish a Daily Create, which was really fun.  

Question of the week!

My favorite type of stories are always mysteries. I love trying to solve cases alongside a character. I love crime television shows because it is so fun to follow along someone who actually seems to know what they are doing to solve a crime. While I don’t typically watch or read fictional mystery stories, there are still so interesting because they never get old. For me, with other genres, they can get repetitive and stale. With mysteries they tend to always be something new which is why they are my favorite.

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