Design in Practice

This week, I have learned how to design and create my own content.  I worked with Canva and Pixlr in order to create images for these assignments.

For my first assignment I used Canva in order to create a book cover based on the idea of what would happen if the British never colonized any other country.  This program was easy to use and allowed me to consider every aspect of my design.

After designing the cover, my book needs some illustrations. I used Pixlr to create a landscape that combined American made buildings with British ones. It was hard for me to figure out how to use the program so I wish that I could have done better with the final image.

Lastly, I created a Twilight Zone themed Dr. Seuss book. I had so much fun in figuring out what image to use and adding little characteristics that are essential in Dr. Seuss’ books.

If I had to do the week over I would spend more time getting the hang of Pixlr. I did not understand how anything worked and I could not find a guide on how to use it. I am sure if I went through each design option available to see what they do I would have had a better time and ended up with a better product.

Next week is audio week. I cannot wait to make some cool content I just hope that I don’t have to record my voice. Because, like most people, I think my voice sounds weird on tape. Even if that is the case I am so excited just to see what happens.


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  1. John H.

    Hello! I liked how you post the direct URL link to your tweet. Word press will automatically convert them to look like how they are now in your post. But did you know can do the same thing with your blog post links? If you post the full URL to your WordPress blog link, it will convert it to a snazzy looking box with your site logo, and a small snippet from the blog. Its pretty neat!


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