Nina Nesbitt- The Sun Will Come Up, The Seasons Will Change Album Review

Now, I am not very familiar with Nina. Looking at the cover art for this album I am intrigued though.

  1. Sacred- I love the intro instrumentals with added underwater sounds. The bubbles add to the atmosphere. The vocals are pretty. The instrumentals build up as does here voice to show her emotion when it comes to the lyrics, which are about fame and relationships. I like this.
  2. The Moments I’m Missing- The beat is really nice. She describes this song as bedroom pop and I can feel that throughout. Her vocals are subdued yet beautiful. The lyrics are about her life. At points though it does seem like she is just listing facts which doesn’t really work here. I think if the chorus was catchier it would help the song to not just seem like an autobiography.
  3. The Best You Had- Something that has become very popular is what she does vocally in the chorus. Her voice suddenly gets pitched up. I don’t particularly like that trend. It feels overdone. The song does feel a bit average. There isn’t anything special that would make me want to come back to this.
  4. Colder- Once again I do like the beat to this. The vocal rhythm on the chorus feels very familiar with the beat. I’m not sure where I have heard it before but I have. Her vocals remain consistent throughout. It’s a fine song.
  5. Loyal To Me- This is very 90s girl group, which is great. The song is catchy and fun. The only problem I have with this is the word repetition in the chorus. For me, it slows the momentum of the song. This is a really good song. It is very reminiscent of other girl group so it does feel a bit copied, but it is still good.
  6. Somebody Special- This song is the opposite of the last song in that there is only one thing I really like. When the beat drops in the chorus, but not in a way you’d think. The beat actually drops out and the spacey ambient sounds are featured with just a simple drum beat. I really enjoy that part. Everything else though is boring. Her vocals are good which I expected. I just want something different. If she played with ambient sounds more I would like it more.
  7. Is It Really Me You’re Missing- This is a really pretty ballad. There are times she puts power behind her voice and it is great. I would love to hear more of that. The lyrics are pretty basic. They aren’t revolutionary or anything. There is an annoying seagull types scream that happens occasionally. At first I liked it but it got old really quick.
  8. Love Letter- Gah! She does the repeated word thing in the chorus that I don’t like. For me that only works in certain cases. She does is so often that I just can’t deal with it. I really like the rhythm and beat in the chorus, probably because I have heard it before. I think this song has potential there are just little things that I don’t like.
  9. Empire- At the beginning I thought this song was going to be about why she took so long to make another album. It turned into her wanting to be rich and have an empire. I like her honesty in this song. The chorus is pretty bland. It drags down the whole song for me.
  10. Chloe- This is a great song lyrically. It’s about her friend getting pregnant and her being by her side whether she chooses to keep it or not. It’s very nice. The instrumentals match the tone of the song perfectly. Nina’s vocals are tender. I like this.
  11. Things I Say When You Sleep- This song instrumentally is pretty bare. There is a piano and some ambient sounds. I think that is really effective. It shows off the lyrics and her vocals perfectly. The lyrics are about wanting to get things off your chest but so they can’t hear it. I like that concept. This is a really simple yet beautiful song.
  12. Last December- Here we are back with the sounds of water. It sets the tone in a great way. This song was written in 2013 about her boyfriend. It’s a pretty song but something about it isn’t connecting with me. I think it’s because it sounds like a country song a bit and that threw me off. It’s not bad though.
  13. The Sun Will Come Up, The Seasons Will Change- This is the title track. I like the title and how it plays into the rest of the song. It’s not a particularly great song though. Instrumentally it feels like I have heard it on this album already. It’s kind of meh.

Overall, Nina has some good songs on this album. I liked the underwater theme that she had in some of the songs. I wish she had played with that idea more. Other songs seemed like copies of the other and became redundant. I like her voice. She has power behind it that I want her to use more. It’s a good album. It’s not amazing or anything. I’m going to give it a B-.

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