Mike Posner- A Real Good Kid Album Review

  1. Introduction- In the intro Mike wants listeners to take 40 minutes to listen to this album without any distractions. While I won’t be doing that because I am writing this. I hope that it doesn’t affect my experience.
  2. January 11th, 2017- To start off, the acapella rhythms before the lyrics kick in are beautiful. When Mike started to sing I was thrown off. I don’t know if it is that his voice isn’t strong enough to match the backing or if it is the production, but it sound strange. I hate being so negative about this song because it is about his dad’s death, but I don’t like his mid-range vocals. He also sounds off beat. The repetitiveness of the backing vocals don’t match what he is trying to do vocally. I like his bursts of power and I want to see more of that. He doesn’t really sound emotional for such an emotional song. I love that he included lines from his dad which added some of the emotion.
  3. Wide Open- This song is airy and ethereal yet there is an electronic element that doesn’t seem to fit. I’m getting mixed signals from this song, and I don’t know what to think about it.
  4. Song About You- This song is about not wanting to think about his ex yet he can’t stop. He wrote this song about not wanting to write a song, which I find interesting. It is more electro-pop than the previous songs, and I have felt like that is mostly his thing. I like this song from an instrumental standpoint. It is groovy and fun.
  5. Move On- This song is about the death of his dad, his friend Avicci, and his recent break-up. It’s about wanting to get passed those things. The pre-chorus is powerful, but the chorus feels like a road trip which I think is what the message behind the song needs more of. This is a decent song, if a bit repetitive.
  6. Drip- When I saw the title, I was hoping that is isn’t like another song with that same title. There are elements of trap, acoustic, pop, and electronic. I’m still not quite sure what to make of it. It’s about him finding out Avicci died. I love the interlude because it brings the emotion that his vocals don’t. Actually, I might really like this. I’m not sure how to feel.
  7. Staring At The Fire- This song is about focusing on the negative and not being able to look away from that perspective. His vocals are….there. I’m not keen on how he sounds on this song. The production is warbly and confused.
  8. Perfect- This song has song blues instrumentals mixed with the electronics. It’s about people thinking his life is perfect while it isn’t. His vocals are good but the vocal effects are strange. The repetition of the word ‘perfect’ buy backing vocals feels unnecessary. Oh wow he threw in some gospel. I’m not sure exactly what he is going for here. It isn’t bad by any means I just don’t know what to make of it. I want him to use that power more because it really suits his voice.
  9. Amen- Ummmmm Literally that is what this was. I know Mike has been focusing on his spirituality so I guess this is him letting that part of him really come through.
  10. Stuck In The Middle- This is Mike’s reflection on his fame. He wants to be famous, but not too famous, which I totally understand. The instrumentals are cute, nothing crazy. His voice sounds good, and I feel like this song is a bit of fun for him in the midst of insanely personal songs.
  11. One More Song- This is Mike and his dad dialoguing. This is cute.
  12. How It’s Supposed To Be- This song is a reflection on his life that ends with acceptance. It’s a nice closing song. While his voice is shaky throughout, it’s still a nice song.

Overall, I thought this was a mediocre album. While I like that he is finding his sound, I think he is still unsure. This is vastly different from the singles that really made him popular. This is a personal album so I think this was more about getting his emotions out rather than fine tuning and perfecting each song. I’m going to give this album a C.

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