The Dandy Warhols- Why You so Crazy Album Review

While I have heard of this group, and I love the name, I haven’t heard their music nor do I know anything about them. This is me going into this with an open mind and no expectations.

  1. Fred n Ginger- This is a 40 second old timey dedication to the iconic duo. There isn’t much to say other than I wonder if this is the vibe the album will give.
  2. Terraform- This is short on lyrics, but not short on groove. It’s a funky retro song with instrumentals that take me to the 80s. The lyrics are about who knows what. After the lyrics end it gets spacey and hypnotic. I might be hypnotised right now I don’t know.
  3. Highlife- This is a funky robotic country song. I don’t like it nor do I dislike it. I just don’t know what to make of it. Zia’s vocals are definitely interesting. It’s a fun song with sometimes grating guitar. I’m very confused.
  4. Be Alright- Again this song has some psych pop spacey instrumentals. The lyrics themselves are pretty basic and the vocals are shrouded in a filter that sets the tone for the space theme. I don’t like it, but I commend the consistency of the theme throughout each song apart from the first which was meant to contrast the others.
  5. Thee Elegant Burn- This song is toned down in terms of instrumentals and the vocals. Lyrically I still don’t understand what they are trying to say, but then again I’m not taking too much time to figure it out. It is nice on the ears if you aren’t focused on it too much.
  6. Sins Are Forgiven- This song takes a Johnny Cash sound and mixes it with the spacey electronics that I have come to expect. This song is a take on the crucifiction and seems a bit random but then again all of this is random.
  7. Next Thing I Know- The into to this song is very long. Once again there aren’t many lyrics and the ones there are word jumble. It isn’t bad it’s just not something that I am well acquainted with.
  8. Small Town Girls- So this song is about small town girls. And that’s it I think. I guess I need to stop focusing on the lyrics because if I continue this way then I’m not going to enjoy any of this. Instrumentally it isn’t that good either so I can’t appreciate this as much as I want to
  9. To the Church- the instrumentals sound like we are in a laboratory. It’s strange and I might like it. The lyrics consist of the chorus repeated twice and that is it. When the lyrics kick in though the vocals don’t allow for them to be clearly heard. I’ve decided I don’t like it. The instrumentals are starting to give me a headache.
  10. Motor City Steel- This returns to the country esque vibe. It’s their best song so far but that doesn’t mean this is good. The vocals are pretty decent along with the instrumentals. Again it is decent but not great.
  11. Forever- The instrumentals are a bit operatic at times which is interesting with the electronic elements. I can see this being in a weird musical. Not bad. Again though what is up with the lyrics.
  12. Ondine- So this is purely instrumental which is a good way to end an album. It is a piano solo which I was not expecting at all. Not much to say.

So this was interesting to say the very least. The first and last song was kind of confusing in the context of the rest of the album. I think they were trying to offset the main theme, but it wasn’t entirely clear their purpose. I liked the theme they went with instrumentally, but it was ruined by the lyrics and vocals. It wasn’t too bad I’m just not a fan. I’m going to give this a C-.  

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