Steve Gunn- The Unseen In Between Album Review

  1. New Moon- This is a quiet, harmonica and shaker filled song whose meaning would take a while for me to try to figure out. Quite frankly, I don’t feel like trying to understand it. I can tell he didn’t start off as a singer. He has a good voice he just feels one dimensional thus far. I have only heard one song so that hopefully will change.
  2. Vagabond- This song immediately, with the guitars, feels like an alternative country song. The verse’s, to the average listener (assuming I’m average) feel like he is trying to be intellectual. They probably have a deep meaning, but for me they appear random. It is clear that he is telling vagabond storied it is just some of the lines that are confusing. The beat is mid-tempo and he could have fun with it, but his voice remains monotone with the backing female vocals only emphasizing that fact.
  3. Chance- While the song is fairly long at four and a half minutes, there aren’t very many lyrics. In cases like that the lyrics needs to be important and/or impactful. Sadly, these aren’t. His vocals aren’t that great. The layering of his vocals was a choice. It just made his average vocal performance more pronounced. So far, I’m not impressed. I’m hoping there is at least one song that I will enjoy.
  4. Stonehurst Cowboy- The pacing of this song is strange. The instrumentals remained almost the same throughout. Gunn’s vocals during the chorus seemed as though he was off beat. It may have been done of purpose, but Im not a fan of that. Some people can pull off not being on beat, but he doesn’t have the voice that allows him to do that.
  5. Luciano- I feel like I’m repeating the same stuff over and over on this album. I guess this is his best vocals so far even though they are pretty much the same as the other songs. The pacing in the chorus is off once again, and the song as a whole bores me. Some people might enjoy this I’m just not one of them.
  6. New Familiar- In the beginning, I was actually digging the instrumentals. Once the vocals kicked in I noticed how altered his voice was and it threw me off completely. They’ve slightly auto-tuned and echoed his voice and it contrasts with the guitar melody. It makes me wonder what he would sound like with little to no voice modulation.
  7. Lightning Field- The instrumentals are more modern country than the other songs have been. I’m not quite sure what genre he is fitting in to. While I know it isn’t entirely important to perfectly fit into one genre I like being able to label people that way. Maybe I’m judgmental when it comes to my music. I accept it though. His vocals are better than they have been. I’m still bored though. It’s not that I dislike slower songs it’s just that he as a person bores me. Am I being harsh? Yes, mostly because I know that no one reads this.
  8. Morning is Mended- Once again, I’m not going to attempt to understand what this song means because I don’t think there is one. Maybe none of these songs have any purpose. I’m going to go with that in order to feel better about myself. He is emotionless in this song, and the ones before it and more than likely the one after this. At this point I am literally typing everything that comes to my mind because why not.
  9. Paranoid- I can’t with this.

Overall, yawn. I was being extremely harsh, but that’s because that was the mood I was in. Music is about how it makes you feel and my review reflected how it made me feel. The songs felt meaningless, yet they tried to deceive you into thinking they had meaning. The vocals were okay and the instrumentals were boring.  I’m sure Steve is a good guy I just have to give this album a D.

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