Girlpool- What Chaos Is Imaginary Album Review

So I’ve heard quite a few good things about this duo, but I’ve also heard some not so good things. That doesn’t help me at all with setting my expectations which I love. Let’s just dive in.

  1. Lucy’s- Cleo has an interesting voice. I really respect the fact that he was able to find his voice after going on testosterone. I have seen interviews with trans singers who say that finding their new voice is difficult. The song itself feels a little garageband, which isn’t necessarily bad, it’s just something I noticed. The lyrics sound really deep and meaningful, but after looking at them a few times I can’t quite figure out what they mean. It’s a fine song.
  2. Stale Device- I don’t really like this. I see a pattern of very few lyrics in the songs which seem to have a theme, but some lines are confusing. This time it’s Harmony singing and while her voice isn’t bad, she remains monotone the whole time. It kind of put me to sleep. I hope this isn’t their thing.
  3. Where You Sink- Again, only nine lines of lyrics. Sound very similar to the last song except some electronic metronome sounds were added. Harmony also has the same vocals as the last song. Also the lyrics are very random. This totally isn’t my thing. I feel like they could have some songs I like if some things changed.
  4. Hire- So Cleo must be singing on the more upbeat songs. I do like this voice. The instrumentals are fun and happy. At this point I’m telling myself that they must be a parody of stereotypical indie bands. Their lyrics don’t make much sense but they sound really intellectual. They have to be a parody, right?
  5. Pretty- So Harmony’s vocals here are better than they were before. This song does make some sense which is better than previously. I think the production on the vocals is pretty weak. The effects make it sound cheap, which who knows, maybe that is what they were going for.
  6. Chemical Freeze- The instrumentals between the first verse and chorus are interesting. They feel sort of industrial apocalyptic. I’ve come to expect strange lyrics which is what we get here. I think that I’m getting used to their sound so I’m not as opposed to it. I don’t think that I’m going to like them, but I don’t dislike it as much as I did originally.
  7. All Blacked Out- How do they write these songs? This one isn’t as bad lyrically as the others, but dang, how do they do it? I prefer Cleo’s voice because his voice is kind of soothing. The instrumentals are pretty basic, but they aren’t bad so yeah.
  8. Lucky Joke- I don’t know the vocal effects don’t match the instrumentals very well. The lyrics are fine. Everything is kind of mediocre.
  9. Minute in Your Mind- So this vocal effect is getting on my nerves. It’s fine for a few songs, but it is on every single song. It gets old really quickly. The song is really short so I guess that’s good for me because I don’t like it. The sound is getting stale. I understand that this is their thing but at least give me some variation.
  10. What Chaos Is Imaginary- This song makes the most sense out of all of them so far. Harmony’s voice is different in this song. It is more airy and high pitched. At times though it gets too high pitched to where it is piercing in a bad way. The instrumental is boring. It’s a simple drum beat with some violin. It’s okay. I would say that this is their best song on this album which isn’t saying much.
  11. Hoax and the Shrine- Harmony’s vocals are very childlike here. It’s very cute, slightly annoying, but cute. The instrumentals are simple, but effective. But once again, what the hell are these lyrics about?
  12. Swamp and Bay- Cleo’s back. While I still do like his voice. I want him to do something different. I have heard glimmers of strength and power, but we haven’t fully gotten that from him. The instrumentals are more upbeat and folk-rockish. This isn’t bad.
  13. Joseph’s Dad- So I thought this song could be about Joseph’s dad sexually assaulting the subject. As the song went on though I have no clue. Harmony’s vocals are not good here. She sounds strained as though she was trying to sound more indie basement than she actually does.
  14. Roses- Yeah there is nothing to say about this that I haven’t already said. It sounds like most of their other songs.

Overall, I don’t like this. Cleo and Harmony’s voices are good it’s the effects that they put on them sound bad. The lyrics almost never made sense, and for me songs are about storytelling. If no one can understand your story then that is  problem. The instrumentals were pretty bland. After each song though I kept telling myself that I do see potential in them so I guess maybe they aren’t as bad as I think they are. Again, some people love this and I understand why it’s just not for me at all. I’m going to give this a D.

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