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Life of Ben

Welcome to the end! This week I have been working on a multi-piece project to conclude the course. First off, I want to mention the final daily creates. I have had a lot of fun doing them these past five weeks and I might even continue to participate.

To kick it off, I worked on a design and audio assignment. I then went in and did a photography and video assignment. I worked really hard to make each piece and create a cohesive story. I had a lot of fun working with my brother and am excited to show what I have done. So without further ado here it is:


My brother Ben, just graduated high school. He has always been a loner, but now that he is going to college I hope that he will branch out more. We are pretty close even though he stays in his room all the time. He seemed pretty excited to graduate, but I can tell that he is nervous about being an adult.

After he graduated, I wanted him to feel relaxed and to not be scared about the future.  I sat him down and told him

After I told him this, he seemed better. With the two of us starting to become adults, I wanted to talk with him and reminisce and figure out what his plans were for college.


After sitting down with him, I’m still not sure what he wants to do, but I believe that he will get whatever he wants from life.


The next assignment that I worked on was to combine three photos of my brother in a timeline. I did a before, during, and after of his graduation. I saved the three photos onto my computer and then went into MSPaint. I put the photos onto one page and then changed the sizes so that they would fit on the page. I added text to make clear what is going on.


The last project that I worked on was creating a video with my brother. I recorded myself asking him questions about his memories and what he wants to do in college. I recorded two separate videos and went into my video editor and put them together.

I then went in and added text to his responses so that the viewer knew what he was responding to. This was difficult, not my working with the technology but my working with my brother. He could not really think of any answers so I struggled with getting him to talk at all.

Start of the Finale

This week, I will be using a bunch of different media in order to create a cohesive story. Since my brother just graduated high school, I have decided to center my story about his graduation and his future.

I have picked four different mini-project for me to work on in order to create this story. I have started with designing a postcard that is from my future self to my brother. I wrote it as though he has just bought a beach house that I really want to visit.

 I created my postcard on Canva. I wrote on the lines and changed the text and the images. I’m really happy with how it ended up turning out.



The next thing that I did was to record myself saying a quote. I wanted to do this because I felt that a good graduation/life quote would go perfectly with my story in providing some inspiration for my brother. I recorded it on my phone and I will be adding it to my final project, but I do not know exactly how I will place it within the other pieces.

I know after reading this you are so excited to see what I have done, but you will have to wait until Thursday.

Resume Play

This week I did four video assignments. First, I did a reaction video responding to the nursery rhyme that I had chosen earlier this week. Next, I created a video montage of my dog. Then, I filmed my day and created a minute long video. Lastly, I reviewed a product.

This week was really busy for me. I had family come into town for my brother’s high school graduation. I wish that I had more time to work on all of these assignments so I could have had more fun with them. I am most proud of my minute long video showcasing my day because that took a good chunk of time to figure out how to do it.

Now that I have a good sense about how to make and edit video, I can finally start that Youtube channel I said I was going to start eight years ago.


Pause the video

To start off video week I did my two daily creates. They allowed me to create a story around photos that I took.

Then I read Roger Ebert’s article about reading a movie. It was really interesting because it gave me a new perspective on viewing movies.



Then I watched some videos about visual techniques. I really enjoyed learning about new methods of movie making and revisiting some old ones.



Question of the week!

In looking at nursery rhymes, I wanted to pick something a little bit obscure. One I had completely forgotten about was Wee Willie Winkie. In rereading the rhyme, the content is kind of scary. It is about a person going around to peoples houses making sure kids are asleep and he goes around making children who are awake go to sleep. The original intent was not to be scary, it was supposed to refer to the King of England and was meant to put kids to bed. I can already imagine in my head this rhyme being incorporated into a horror movie trailer.


Now that I have learned more about different techniques that go into movie decision making, I cannot wait to see what the rest of the weeks assignment entail.


Safe and Sound

For audio week, I had to learn an entirely new program called Audacity. The daily creates that I did had no audio aspect involved but they were really fun.

The first assignment that I did allowed me to create a story out of sound effects. The alien abduction story could very well happen in my alternate history.

My favorite sounds are sounds that I wish that I could hear daily. I would love to hear babies laughing and waves crashing everyday.


Can you hear me now?

To kick off the first half of audio week I did some daily creates that allowed me to put visuals to words.

I then looked at different aspects of audio. I will admit that I was overwhelmed with all of the different programs and ideas that go into perfected audio, but I was also ready to learn.

After I knew the basics, I listened to Moon Graffiti I was so intrigued by how sounds can play such a huge role in creating a story. Every little sound that went into the project amplified the realism that the story tried to portray.

I am looking forward to finding out what our assignments are going to be for the rest of the week. Listening to Moon Graffiti and learning about audio has gotten me excited about all of the possibilities.

Design in Practice

This week, I have learned how to design and create my own content.  I worked with Canva and Pixlr in order to create images for these assignments.

For my first assignment I used Canva in order to create a book cover based on the idea of what would happen if the British never colonized any other country.  This program was easy to use and allowed me to consider every aspect of my design.

After designing the cover, my book needs some illustrations. I used Pixlr to create a landscape that combined American made buildings with British ones. It was hard for me to figure out how to use the program so I wish that I could have done better with the final image.

Lastly, I created a Twilight Zone themed Dr. Seuss book. I had so much fun in figuring out what image to use and adding little characteristics that are essential in Dr. Seuss’ books.

If I had to do the week over I would spend more time getting the hang of Pixlr. I did not understand how anything worked and I could not find a guide on how to use it. I am sure if I went through each design option available to see what they do I would have had a better time and ended up with a better product.

Next week is audio week. I cannot wait to make some cool content I just hope that I don’t have to record my voice. Because, like most people, I think my voice sounds weird on tape. Even if that is the case I am so excited just to see what happens.


I’m halfway through understanding design!

This week we are learning about design. I have done multiple assignments that have taught me to appreciate all of the little steps that go into advertisements and other objects.

I have worked on two daily creates that allowed me to express some creativity in design. The first one was to put a face onto another picture. I chose to use my dog Jynx’s face because the photo I used of him is my favorite photo that I have ever taken. I had a lot of fun looking through all of the options of where to put his face and ended up deciding on a monkey.

The second daily create was to use different fonts to convey different meanings. I wanted one font to show a cute and sassy tone while the other was to be menacing. It is so interesting how the same message can mean totally different things.

For my next assignment, I watched two TED talks about design and I learned that one of the most important things is that it has to be fun. While I was going through the Canva tutorials, I found myself to be really interested in all of the aspects that go into design and can easily find myself having a great time designing something completely on my own.

Lastly, I went around trying to notice design in my everyday life. I took photos of things that display different design techniques and have learned to distinguish what all of the terms mean. I found that there are objects in my everyday life that I had not truly noticed before that I can now appreciate having this knowledge.

Question of the week!

When thinking about what in our past I would go back and change I have a lot of things pop into my mind. I would stop Hitler and Trump from gaining power. I would keep Freddie Mercury, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, and Janis Joplin alive. All of these things would benefit society in ways that I could not comprehend. If i had to choose one thing to change, it would be to stop British colonization. What would the world be like today if they had not went all over the world trying to settle in and change those who already lived there. Cultures would be true to form and not influenced by British ideals. I wonder what changes there would be in everyday things that we take for granted. What would the composition of the world look like? Would be get along better or worse?

So far this week, I have learned the basic of design. Having newfound interest in making my own content, I cannot wait to see what the rest of the week has in store for me.



This week is complete.

This half of the week has been filled with fun activities that allowed me to create fun stories and explore my photography.

I first worked on some fun daily creates where I was able to use a new (to me) technology. It involved using Bitmoji in order to create a scene. I also had the idea for an app for introverted people so they do not have to be social. The third daily create involved picking a music video that has a lot of meme-worthy material.

For the main assignments this week I chose the genre mystery. I went into each photo trying to figure out how the genre could influence how I took the photo and what story lines I could create.


When I was photoblitzing, even though I was running around like a maniac, I was trying to think about taking photos in a mysterious way. I decided to make the some the photos a little out of focus so that the person viewing them has to think about it a bit.

For the second assignment I chose to do two visual assignments and combine them to make a cohesive story. The theme for one of the assignments is the apocalypse so I worked that into my mystery theme.  I am extremely proud of this because at first I did not know how I was going to infuse mystery into the photos. Looking at them now it is clear to me that I was able to accomplish it.

I am so happy with what I was able to accomplish this week. I have always wanted to get into photography but was wary due to not having an expensive camera. Hopefully, I am able to get out and take more photos and make them look semi-professional. It was not until after I had finished the assignments that I found out that the apocalypse theme did not have to be included in the photos. I guess that would be the one thing that I would change, if I had known that then maybe the mystery theme would have came through more than it already does. I am so excited for the coming weeks, especially because I have no clue what is ahead. I cannot wait to learn some new technologies and skills that I will be able to use in the future.