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It ends in a flash

In a world where everything has gone dark, the animals start to attack. Even the cute little rabbits and squirrels are bound to rip your face off. What caused the world to end up this way?







All you can remember is a flash of light. When you look at your phone all you see is this photo. You can barely make out what it is. Is this the cause of the end of the world?


For this assignment I had to create a before and after of an apocalyptic scene. My mom has a backyard full of plastic animals so I immediately knew that I wanted to work with them somehow. I first had to decide which of the many creatures that I was going to choose. I decided on the rabbit with the squirrel in the background because they are both fairly docile and innocent creatures so making them evil and dangerous would be interesting,

I then went into my photo editor and only made two changes that made a huge difference. I reddened the eyes and darkened the photo. It is crazy how those two things changed the scene entirely.  I then went into Juxtapose and put the two photos together. The Juxtapose site is made by Knightlab which I have used before for other tools. I had never heard of this one before so I will definitely try to use it again.

For the second half of this assignment I chose to do the blackmail assignment.  I had a hard time deciding what exactly to take the photo of. I then thought about my story line. I already made this apocalyptic world that has gotten darker and wanted to play with the mystery aspect of it. What if nobody knew what had happened? I thought about the difference between dark and light so I decided to take a blurry photo of a set of light switches. I brightened the photo a whole lot and played with contrast. Something I enjoy about this photo is that from certain angles it looks like it is pure white, but depending how you look at it you can see the switches.

I enjoy how these images look like they have nothing in common but because I have created a story they make sense, at least to me. This was a really fun assignment that allowed me to think outside the box and tell a story of my own.


I have always been fascinated by abandoned buildings and have wanted to explore them. Looking through the Rosewood Institution on Abandoned America I was really excited. All of the photos were beautiful but they also were extremely creepy. I love the juxtaposition between beauty and unnerving. I think that if I were to ever pursue photography that would be my aesthetic.

Something that I have learned today is that photoblitzing is fun. I was running around my house for fifteen minutes trying to take good photos. I was exhausted by the end. The tip that I took to heart most was the rule of thirds. While I am sure that not every photo I took has the rule applied, I thought about it while I was taking the photos. I had immediate ideas of what photos to take once I read each prompt. The hard part was trying to actually execute the ideas while keeping all of the tips in mind. I wanted to get through all of the prompts, but clearly I was not able to. I am going to have to work on taking my time to get a good photo instead of rushing. Overall, I think that I took some interesting photos.

Time at start of photoblitz

Photo dominated by a single color

Something Futuristic


Cool Angle

Bright Light

Shoe or Foot

Object looking alive

Converging lines

Things that don’t go together