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Beauty in three’s

Reviewing a Product

For my last assignment for video week, I chose to do a product review. I will admit that I had no idea what I was going to do. I looked around my house and found my glasses cleaner and immediately had some funny uses for it. I recorded my video which I wanted to be as real to my personality as possible so I left in the “um’s” for authenticity’s sake. After I filmed, I went into my movie editor and clipped the beginning so that there was not the awkward pause that normally is in these types of videos. In the end, I had a lot of fun making this and would not mind doing this more regularly. My Product Review is a little unconventional, but that is what I love about it.


A minute of my day

For my next assignment, I chose the 60 second day video narrative. This was really difficult because I do not do much on a daily basis. I kind of just sit and do nothing all day, but luckily my brother is graduating high school tomorrow so I had a little bit more content.

I went around filming a few seconds of what my day consisted of. I then went into my movie editor and started putting all of the clips together. 

After I had all of my clips compiled I chose which music to add to it in order to keep the video a bit up beat. At the end I was really proud of my end result.

Looking back, if I were to change something it would be live a more exciting life. Watching this back I wish that I had more content to actually be excited to film.

Jynx Montage

For my next video assignment, I decided to use a bunch of photos of my dog Jynx to create a small montage of his greatness.

I found that the photos app on my PC has a video editor and wanted to see if I could use it in order to complete this project. I compiled all of the photos and added background music. Then, I placed a filter that included his name as a transition point between two of the photos.

This was a lot of fun because I had never done any video editing before and now I know the basic. Plus, it also allowed me to revisit my favorite photos of my dog.

Wee Willie Winkie

For the start of my video assignments, I decided to create a reaction video. I use Recactus to record the video. I wanted to use my nursery rhyme Wee Willie Winkie as the content that I reacted to.

My reaction to the video was unexpected because while I knew the rhyme was creepy, adding video to it made it so much creepier.

I was actually worried about creating the video because I have no video editing experience. Luckily, I was able to find Recactus which had easy to follow instructions that allowed me to create the video.

I’ve always been fascinated by reactions videos and recording one myself has proven to me that it is harder than it looks.

Perspectives on video

The first video that I watched was “Hitchcock Loves Bikinis,” in it Hitchcock spoke about how the same expression can be changed into different emotions depending on the footage surrounding it. This shows how important context in movies are. Subtle things such as this can influence how the audience views a character

The next video that I watched was “2001 A Space Odyssey- match cut.” Having taken cinema courses before, I knew what a match cut was. Seeing so many different examples of this technique used proves its effectiveness. I would love to use match cuts in my video project so hopefully I can figure out a way to use it.

The next video that I watched was “The Shining- Zooms.” The Shining is one of my favorite movies, but until now I never noticed how zooms were used. In this video, all of the zooms are focused on a single person or object that Kubrick wanted to focus on. In this movie, zooms give off a sense of impending doom and create suspense for the audience.

The last video that I watched was “Kubrick// One-Point Perspective.” Kubrick knew how to work with audience manipulation and perspective in a way to get any emotion out of the audience that he wanted. This one-point perspective allows for the audience to not only focus on the background of a scene, but it makes the audience feel like they are in the scene with the characters. This perspective is in a long shot which gives the audience access to all of the details that are within the scene. Knowing to do this and how to do it correctly is really impressive.

Reading a movie?

In Roger Ebert’s How to read a movie, he makes connections to something that we discussed during the first week of class. He talked about the importance of the rule of thirds. He says that having a character on the left side of the screen is dominated by the person on the right. I think that is interesting because it is entirely subconscious that we get these feelings just from placement. It is not something that we think about but directors understand that it does affect people.

He also pulls attention to the importance of lighting. Having different types of lighting in a single scene can emphasize certain aspects of the setting and/or plot. I find that lighting is best used in horror films. They can build more suspense while things are in the dark and can use light in order to execute jump scares.

The things that I took to heart most from his article is that no matter how many times someone watches a movie there will still be things that they do not notice. I find this really important because it allows for people to take different messages from the movie. It also helps to make people want to watch the movie multiple times in order to find all of the things that they missed.

Daily Sounds

For this assignment, I went through my day and took recordings of sounds that I heard.

First thing in the morning my dogs eat so I recorded that. Then I recorded a bit of the show Mysteries at the Museum because that is what is normally on the television. I then went to the farmers market where I recorded my walking through it. Once I was finished, I got into my car and had the air conditioning on full blast. Once I got home I put my clothes into the dryer and recorded that sound.

Once I had all of these recording, I went to Audacity and converted them into one file.

Creating in pairs

For my first daily create, I went to the Wikipedia page with all of the letters translated. I then went into Paint and messed around with the fonts and colors.

For the second daily create, I went to a site to create a graph. I messed around with colors and the different types of graphs in order to figure out which one I liked the best.