Understanding Design

Looking at Scher and Carson’s TED talks, although they were saying similar things. The way that they emoted changed the message that they were sending.

Throughout Paula Scher’s talk she emphasizes the importance of working seriously but not solemnly. She claims that serious work is taking chances and designing in a way that the designer has never tried before. Solemn work is sticking to what is known without having any fun. She says that while the word serious is used, when you are working seriously it is fun.

David Carson has a similar message throughout his TED talk. He showed multiple examples of his work and explained how much fun he has through the design process. He also does things that he wants to do without worrying to much what others are going to think about it. His work is more eccentric and exciting than most graphic designers which you can tell just through his energy throughout his talk. His designs inspired me because they are something that he is so proud of and it is clear that he loves his job.

In working through Canva tutorials, I have found that it a great new resource for me to use. The tutorials were really easy and I picked up on the concepts quickly. In my work this week I hope to be able to have fun with my designs as Scher and Carson mention.

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