Sounds of an Alternate History

For this assignment I wanted to create a normal day in the life of the uncolonized American. I wanted to see what the world would be like if Europe never colonized the rest of the world.

I  did some research about what the Iroquois ate and enjoyed in order to create a story around it. I eventually wrote a script and got my mom and brother to help voice the characters. 

After we recorded, I uploaded it to Audacity and went searching for sound effects. I used which lets people post sounds that they will allow others to use freely. I picked out some that went along with my story and imported them into Audacity.

Luckily, I have gotten a hang of how Audacity works, I had not problems with the actual editing, but I struggled with figuring out which sounds to use. After searching for the perfect sounds, I have an end product that I am proud of having had no experience with this before.

One thought on “Sounds of an Alternate History

  1. John Flood

    I do find your idea interesting, aswell as your story very good. I just found that your hypothesize about what would happen needed a bit more work and detail, as it excluded several limiting factors such as a lack of advanced technology that would have held back the Inca’s and Aztecs.


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