For this assignment  I decided to go back to one of my favorite episodes of The Twilight Zone. 

I wanted to keep the creepiness of the image and mesh it with Dr. Seuss because the characters in his books can easily be made scary. I went in to MSPaint and first cropped the image to focus on their faces. I added a red border around it to add some color and because Dr. Seuss always used bright colors. I then came up with the title Hop on Doc in reference to the book Hop on Pop. I made the text yellow for some complimentary color and changed the font to be serious yet fun enough that it could be a kids book.

I love the juxtaposition between the menacing look that the doctor and nurse has and the Seussian colors and name surrounding it. While the title could easily be a kids book, paired with the image it changes its meaning entirely.

One thought on “Seussify

  1. Bryce Piper

    Well done. I like the mashup of Twilight Zone and Dr. Seuss. If I were to add some critique, I think a different font style would work better, one that more closely matched the good doctor’s literature. The one chosen is closer to the TZ font, but you’ve already got the visual of the image, so it may balance themes better by using a sillier font to bring in more Seuss.


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