Noticing Design


In thinking about what I was going to do for the design blitz, I looked through the eight principles of design and tried to think about them as I went about my daily life. The first thing that I noticed was the cover of The University of Mary Washington’s alumni magazine, (which I helped make by the way.) The way that the different fonts are used to convey the most important information uses the design technique of hierarchy.



The next thing I noticed was while looking through my mom’s Better Homes and Gardens magazine. Each photo is set up in a way to highlight every product. In this particular photo, since the products being sold are lights, the background is a darker color. This is an example of contrast which is generally used to highlight the most important information.




I was looking through UMW’s main site and I found that it is very consistent. The background coloring is always a shade of blue with the text being white. It allows for the user to easily access all of the information and to not be distracted or put off by random colors.



The next thing that I noticed was in a workout book that we have laying around the house. On every page there is a photo of the muscles used in each specific workout. The design could have easily gone wrong if the lines pointing to each muscle became interconnected or was too close or far from the photo. The information is in perfect proximity to the photo allowing the reader to easily understand what is going on.





The last photo I took was of something that I see everyday but never took the time to actually look at. At my house, my mom decorated the walls with photos of bikes. I have always known they were there but I never actually looked to see what they were. When I looked at this specific photo I realized how well designed it is. The way the blue fades into the orange captures a sense of peace that is the intent of the design.

I find it fascinating that all of these images that I referenced are things that I have either seen before or have seen things similar to. I had never taken into account what goes into each design and what they actually mean. From now on when I see even a seemingly simple design I will be able to appreciate it for what it is trying to get across and the means by which it does so.

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