Moon Graffiti

I absolutely loved Moon Graffiti, the story itself poses an interesting what if question. The sounds add to the realistic nature of the story being told. The spacey music layered with the beeps of machines make if seem as though it actually happened. The quick sharp sounds add to the level of fear with the great acting and voice modulation making the recording feel as though it was recorded in space.

With this story, the listener can easily imagine what is happening due to the hyper-realistic portrayal of the scenario. All of these sound effects are used in television but they are supplemented with visuals.  With this medium the focus is on little sounds such as the crinkly sound of their voices and the metallic thumps implying that the ship is moving.

If the background music were not in place then the listener would be made to come up with their own interpretations of how to feel. Because the sound is quiet yet droning, it gives the listener a sense of fear and suspense.

Sound is important because it drives the story. One of my favorite examples, while it is extremely short, is a video of a Natural Geographic clip with someone’s own audio overlayed.  This changes the meaning of what the video was originally meant to be. It went from a serious nature documentary to a funny clip. This is just one example of how important sound can be.

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