Design on my own

First off, this was so fun but also really frustrating. I have no experience with any type of design software so this was a real learning curve for me. I used Pixlr to create my alternative history and the software itself was difficult to figure out.

In thinking about my alternate history being about British colonization, I wanted to put something American in a different setting. I painted a simple background to juxtapose our knowledge that the Empire State building is in a city setting. I also found an old British house and put it next to the skyscraper because it simply does not belong.

In working through Pixlr, I found myself getting frustrated because there are no clear instructions on how everything works. You have to layer the image in order to add a photo and once you have done that you can not go back to the first layer. I think that if this was a situation where I had some experience using the software I would have had a better time and possibly a better outcome.

The only program that I have used for image editing is MSPaint. I took the images used for this assignment and cropped them and colorized them using Paint. I find it much easier to use although it definitely does not have too many capabilities.


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