Creating Alternate History


What would the world be like if the British never colonizes The Americas, India, or Australia? My book aims to explore this idea through the eyes of a teen who went from our universe to another.

Creating this cover and description was a long process with my indecisive mind juggling multiple ideas.  First off, I used Canva in order to create my design. I clicked on the book cover option.


I then had to decide what I wanted my book to look like, I went through all of the options to give myself some inspiration and eventually chose a clean looking design with a sunset in the background.

Next, I had to think of a title, I chose “Stay Put” because that is what the would be colonizers were doing in my book. I went into the text editor and changed the font and the size.

Then I changed the author name to my own. At this point I was just doing little changes because I still had not decided the overall look.


I went into the background image finder and typed in ‘old’ I was not sure what I was going to find, but I knew that I wanted an older look to the book so I went with it. I found an old wood looking image and thought that it looked good.


I changed the color of the font because the white was unreadable on the background. I changed it to red because I thought that it gave it an interesting look.

After thinking for a while, I decided that I did not like the name so I changed it to “Cease All Movement” as if that were any better. I changed the background to the mast of a ship because that is how the British got to all of these places so this photo gives the book more of an identity.

Once again, I had to change the color of the text because it was not readable with the background. I tried multiple different colors until I decided that shades of red looked best. I moved around where the text was on the image so that it was easier to read and it also makes the design a lot more interesting.


I then changed the title of the book one more time. I chose “Ending the Beginning” I think this title would intrigue the reader into at least looking at what the book was about. It also aptly describes the premise without giving too much away

Lastly, I wrote up the inside cover of the book. I created a genderless character named Sam that this experience is happening to. I wanted to keep the description interesting yet also vague enough that people have to read it to figure out exactly what it is about.

I had a lot of fun with this project. Being a creative writing major, I love creating story ideas. Being able to design a book cover will help me in the future if I ever decide to write a book because then I do not have to pay anyone to do it for me.

4 thoughts on “Creating Alternate History

  1. Daniel Zeineddine

    Hello Karina!
    I love the way you went about detailing every point of creating your book cover. Myself, I was going to do the same thing, I’m glad I got a little verification on whether or not to do the same thing. Also, I can’t seem to get over your question of the week. I have heard a question that was somewhat like that, but the way you posed this question was great! If I could give you a suggestion, it would be to do with the order and orientation of the post. Perhaps a numbered order would have made it easier for the reader to understand where exactly to look.

  2. Bryce Piper

    Very detailed in how you went about creating your design, describing why you made decisions based on the learning. If I had any critique, it would be to adjust the title font contrast, like with an outline or other device. It’s a little difficult to read.

  3. Jordan Chandler


    I found it very interesting that you included the entire editing process in Canva. These detailed steps are very helpful in seeing how you got to your final product! I find the layout that you used in your post a bit overwhelming. It was hard to jump back and fourth while reading but overall visually it looks very uniform.

  4. Youseph Asaad

    Very organized and neat! I love the amount of effort you put into organizing and detailing the process of creating your book cover. I also found your question of the week to be quite interesting. Furthermore, the critique I would give you that is similar to what Bryce said is that your title and inside cover of your book is a bit tough to read. Aside from that, you did a remarkable job!


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