Audio Resourcefulness

I have always loved radio.  While I generally focus on the music, the local stations that I listen to are accompanied by great personalities who get me invested in what they are saying.

Everything that Abumrad said about storytelling through radio made sense. A person can be creating visual through description and the listener can picture the images being created; thus the term co imagination being coined.




I have recorded interviews before by taking video on my phone, but after that I have never worked with any program. Looking through the audio resources I was kind of overwhelmed. There as so many options of things to work with. I created a Soundcloud account and downloaded Audacity. First thoughts at looking at Audacity: overwhelmed. There are definitely going to be some struggles figuring out how the program works, but I am going to figure it out.

Lastly, when I saw the video on foley sound I got excited. I have always been intrigued by foley artists and hopefully an assignment this week will allow me to explore this further.

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